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University Vacancies is used to advertise available posts on behalf of third level educational institutes.


We offer a prepaid bundle of 10 vacancies posting for €1950 (ex vat), i.e. €195 (ex vat), per vacancy posting*


We also offer a prepaid bundle of 20 vacancies posting for €3680 (ex vat), i.e. €195 (ex vat), per vacancy posting*


There is no timeframe the credits must be used in so you would have the credits until required.

*Note: The current Vat rate is 23%

Advertisement Unit Bundle x10 Units


Advertisement Unit Bundle x20 Units


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Cyber Security

June 4th, 2021

How to recover from a cyber-attack

Successfully restoring 44 of our software application instances this week has been intense but satisfying work! When one of our important customers contacted us recently about the recovery process after suffering a dramatically successful ransomware attack, the Kerryman’s response to being asked directions came immediately to mind (being from Kerry, I can smile at the […]




August 14th, 2019

Business Process Mapping

Although many organizations use written words alone to describe their processes and project requirements, in most cases it does prove more advantageous to portray the essence of such work in the form of a visual representation. This is where Business Process Modelling comes into play. The use of modelling language enables organisations to portray their processes pictorially, thus minimizing the potential for Stakeholder misinterpretations when it comes to complex subject matter.

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