Policy Portal MPP

The Maps Policy Portal facilitates the management of policies by granting user permission to report on existing policies, view their details, create new policies, modify them and retire them when necessary

University Vacancies Web Portal

UNIVERSITYVACANCIES.COM was created as a shared services initiative within the Irish University Sector to serve prospective candidates with a single resource for all recruitment in the sector. Candidates can search for up to date vacancies in Academic, Research, Management, Administrative and Support Services in the Irish University and Higher Education Sector.
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Staff Requisitions Application

The Staff Requisitions Application is a workflow automation tool supporting the requisitioning of staff. It allows Managers to complete an online submission to request a post to be established or recruited for, rehire, change to existing employee, contract extension and follow on contract. It supports the approval process for such requisitions through an automated approvals…
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Hospital Care Assurance System

The Care Assurance System was designed to facilitate the care assurance cycle within the context of an acute hospital service. It provides the capability to create graphical reports on the performance of key services. The system facilitates the creation of action plans,timely follow up on feedback, the assignment of SOPs, Training requirements and Competencies to…
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